New Rubric—Same Headaches!

In order to fix some old door hiccups—and in an effort to prepare for the closing messtival—we're going to try some new things.

Here are our regularly-priced tickets; THANK YOU for your continued support throughout all these years. These tickets will go quickly, but don't worry: those of you who will have missed the online ticket sale will still be able to try the door; the new warehouse location (gasp!) is secure AF, and it will be revealed to many. If you still don't get that email, just figure it out—you always do.

QTPOC fans: you can get it; a discount, that is. Email us with your soc. med. coordinates and our door elves will do their/them's best to sort through all of your inquiries in a timely manner.

No Q's But Some A's

On the night of show, we will process a couple of hundred walk-ups early on, cut the door when the capacity is reached, and re-open the door again when things let up. This should happen closer to 6+ am, when the amateurs peace out.

As the party keeps pumping, we will keep letting in hundreds of walk-ups. Didn't get in at 5 or 6am? Try us at 8am. Didn't work out then? Try again at 10am. We go to 4pm so just keep trying.

The location is a bit remote, however, so we won't give people false hope; if the door doesn't think they will let you in, they will say so right away.†

Otherwise, keep trying us; we want you to see this.

† If you bought a ticket and are rejected at the door for whatever reason (it happens and it's not personal—it's OK), you will be refunded on the spot.