Though our regularly scheduled UNTER parties are soon coming to an end, UNTER LLC, the legal and financial entity that formalized that headless behavior, will continue to carry on. But not in a way that you might have expected...

As kindling for this coming Fashion Week, UNTER LLC will summon the deadly trifecta of the New York City cultural matrix—the worlds of art, fashion, and nightlife—and throw them into an explosive mix that may stay with you for a while.

This isn't a rave, it's not even a dance party.  This is a performance.
And the lead performer is you.

But don't worry: if you start to feel uncomfortable, you can always hit that unsubscribe button.

And now, a word from our Curator-at-Large, Ruby Zarsky:


My name is Ruby Zarsky. I, along with my collaborator, Seva Granik, have an interesting—if not somewhat scandalous—proposal for you. In an introduction to Fashion Week, we will be creating a presentation that is, at its core, an art performance. Seva and I have longstanding ties in the art, fashion, and nightlife communities in New York City. Our concept is to materially combine those worlds and use that to draw focus on something that I care about deeply: the trans feminine community. (I should note that I am a proud trans woman!)

As you undoubtedly know, many of our sisters use sex work as their primary means of earning income. This has been true throughout history. Trans women have always been one of the most integral parts of sex commerce across the world. Because of this, the culture and history of being a trans woman seems to be inextricably bound to our sexuality and its value as currency.

As trans women, we know that there is a double standard to this. We are not doted around on rich and powerful men’s shoulders; rather, we are kept hidden. We are considered taboo. Because of this, our sex worker sisters are often working illegally and in unsafe conditions.

This brings us to the performance concept. Where can a woman, cisgender or trans, perform legal sex work in a safe and protected environment? Where can they be publicly revered for their beauty? Where can they be more than a taboo? The answer is obvious: a strip club!

Yet, in New York City, arguably America’s more progressive city regarding transgender rights, there is a moratorium on trans strippers. We would like to put a stop to this in the most outrageous way that we could think of. So, in a false start to this Fashion Week, we will open a one-night only strip cabaret featuring ONLY trans women as the dancers.

If you would be willing to participate, you will join a cast of attendees and performers that range from artists, fashionistas, and ravers to nightlife girls and the very sex workers this entire idea is intended to uplift. I will be going on stage and stripping, too.

I think it is an artistically important project, but we will also have fun. There will be great music, including our good friends Nita Aviance and Michael Magnan. And Seva’s work as a rave and party producer means the event will look great, sound great, and run at a professional level. All in all, this synthesis of the many social worlds of our amazing city (and leading up to Fashion Week) should draw a very diverse and exciting crowd.

I would be forever grateful if you would consider joining us for this project. We look forward to discussing this further and providing you with more exact details.