"Begin at the beginning," the King said, very gravely, "and go on till you come to the End: then stop."

—Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland, 1865

Hi bb,

So, listennnn... We've been meaning to talk to you about this but, you know, things kept coming up, and then we had to go to Berlin, and then we got sick with that flu... Anyway!

Some time in late 2023, UNTER as a recurring event series and concept will cease to exist.


Come on now, we've milked this situayshonship for everything it's got; the gag is up and we kinda wanna try other things.

What?... No, no, it's not you, it's us!

Because, you know, we just don't know what we want right now... and that's not fair to you. We thought we were ready for that LTR, but it turns out that the only thing we can commit to for now is, um... well, not throwing parties every damn month. RuPaulogies!

So to keep it real, we think we should break up with y'all before we get really bad haircuts and buy those Balenciaga mom jeans. Which is all happening this afternoon.

To give her a proper send off, over the next few months we will throw down with three special parties, culminating in... the LAST UNTER EVERRR, which you're invited to (good luck getting in). Somewhere in between, we will publish the second and final book of posters along with some juicy extras that weren't included in the first book—because fuck, who gives a shit now?

No, don't cry; for better or for worse we will probably never stop crushing porties, so this isn't really goodbye, just kind of a... smell ya later.

April 29, June 24, October 28.
Keep it moving.