- - please download & study this Rave Ethics Guide before attending - -


Dear Fiends, Monsters, and Ghosts of UNTERs Past,

As per usual, we are trying it. For this Halloween, UNTER has decided to invite the one party that UNTER has always counted on to give even more fucks than anyone had ever considered possible: UNTER.

UNTER presents UNTERxUNTER for UNTER by UNTER featuring UNTER & UNTER.

Yes, we're going there—we will literally collaborate with our damn selves to produce the gaggiest UNTERween collab yet that will make you remember forgetting what this is all about in the first place: actual raving. Forget about it!

ENTER a steel-cutting plant deep in the bowels of toxic Greenpoint... Two stages of techno and house programming into the morning... Port-o-pots as far as the eye can see... A hard-to-find entrance to the foreman’s office with... insufficient lighting for... hanging out and stuff.

SEE and hear the heart of the party—our stellar residents, techno and house staples, and surprise guest performers from far, far away—shredding all night long in their latex and leather best.

EXPERIENCE the continued legacy of those historic and fabled UNTER Halloween rages that have been repeatedly recounted to you by some old cringe ppl at the clerb... a.k.a. us.

SAVE the date: Saturday, October 29th.

ATTIRE: fetish-wear.
If you're an actual fetish-wear aficionado or a student of fashion, stop reading; you already won.

If not, make an effort.
Think of it as your party costume homework.
If you still don't get it, don't come; we'll go on somehow.

If you would like to secure your tickets now, you may purchase them before we announce a single thing more.

Please note: promoters lead complicated lives; locations and line-ups are subject to change.