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Dearest Comrades,

The undersigned Central Committee of the People’s Party of Unterslovakia considers it indispensable for the LXXIIIth Congress of the Party to begin its work, underground, in New York City, no later than 19 November 2022. We call upon you—the nation of ravers—to unite and mobilize in support of achieving our collective goals.

Aim and Tactic:

The new 74th International shall be based on the following principles, which we present as the UNTER Porty Platform:
  1. The present is the period of destruction and the crushing of the whole world by the steamroller of the integrated world capitalistic system. The queer future will be nothing short of catastrophe should the party fail and capitalism, with all its incommensurable contradictions, not be done away with. The aim of the raving class must now be immediately to seize power. To seize power means to destroy bourgeois infrastructural apparatuses, organizing ever-new siqq parties to go off in their place.

  2. Now is the occasion for the immediate elimination of the private right to own the means of porty production: we demand the immediate socialization of both large- and small-scale venues and the central governing bodies organized by the same. This call to action includes occupying the clerbs; eradicating the corporate chokehold on talent distribution; abolishing all radius clauses; establishing a night workers’ union; and affirming the people’s embodied right to dance at the gravesite of bourgeois neoliberalism—these are the most essential aims of the day.

  3. During the pandemic and after the precipitous rise of commercial real-estate prices, it has become clear not only that the old socialistic and social-democratic parties in the New York underground have gone financially bankrupt and remain unable to cope with the costs, but also that the time is nigh for the actualization of our commie pinko rave fantasia at the end of the world as we know it. Queer ravers of the world unite!
Yours in the struggle,
The Central Committee of the People’s Party of Unterslovakia

Presiding Party Secretaries:
Claire Morgan, Jamaica Suk, Juana
Saturday, November 19, 2022
Brooklyn Warehouse Location TBA

Admission tickets may be purchased here.

Unterslovakia Communist Party Rules:
■ Please take care of one another and keep each other safe! If you see a comrade who who isn't feeling well, immediately alert the Party staff and we will swiftly handle situations to the best of our ability. Please don't leave your comrades without help!
■ For your safety—and ours—dangerous substances such as GHB/GBL are forbidden in our spaces. Anyone seen in possession, using, or aiding in use of GBL or GHB at the UNTER Party event will be swiftly escorted out, and banned indefinitely from upcoming congresses.
■ We seek to create and maintain a safe and diverse space where consent and respect are our first priorities.
■ Please keep your phones in your pockets at all times: *absolutely* no photos or videos of the proceedings allowed.
■ Do not willfully damage or compromise the congress space or its guests or employees in any manner.
■ Harassment of any kind (unwanted contact, verbal or physical abuse, racism, homophobia, transphobia, body-shaming, misogyny, etc.) will NOT be tolerated and will lead to immediate discharge from the venue; this includes any sort of harassment or aggression both inside and outside the space.
■ For these reasons, a ticket does not guarantee entry, and will be voided if you are to be found in violation of any of these regulations or our community's collective ethics, which you can read up on here.