Haii everybody,

Following the efforts of some of the other crews and clubs out there, we've decided that during these unprecedented and precarious times, it would be a worthwhile idea to provide our fan base with a channel for anyone who might be able to make a donation in support of our staff.

Many of Unter's employees find themselves out of work. This includes folks like our bar staff and event workers, the technicians who install and manage our lighting and sound, the people who mind our door and design our posters, the folks who clean up after you leave--they all could use some help right now.

Donations of any size, even a few bucks, will add up very nicely, are immensely appreciated, and won't be forgotten.

Thanking you from the bottom of our hearts,
Unter ♥♥♥

Venmo: @UNTER

Those of you donating $50 or more: please email us back and let us know if you'd like to be added to the guest list for the next party or if you'd like to get a t-shirt (please specify which kind and what size in your email).